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Recently hit a plateau or sporting slump? Or need to take your performance to the next level? To get better results & success, you have to change something in your approach. What separates the good from the great in sport is mindset. My mental fitness training takes athletes to the next level to discover their full potential. Whether you’re experiencing pre-race anxiety, are unable to convert what you do in training to racing, struggle with endurance pain in races, or have any other performance limiter, I’m here to help.

Endurance mind coaching is a specialist performance psychology consultancy run by Sport Psychologist, Stuart Holliday, that develops athlete mental performance for all levels from elite to amateur (whether runners, triathletes, cyclists, or other long-distance specialists). I have experience as part of top-level sport science teams and squads. My programs help endurance athletes build their mental muscles and resilience as they train, race, and recover.

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Led by accredited Sport Psychologist Stuart Holliday I share my knowledge and expertise developed in pro sport for all athletes, whatever their level, to be able to make gains in their sporting performance and enjoyment.

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B.O.L.T. Course

Train your brain as you train your body with our leading-edge B.O.L.T course. Learning takes place 1 to 1 over Zoom. Then you apply skills across the length of your training cycle (e.g. for an upcoming marathon, triathlon, or sportive). The course is tailored to equip each athlete with specific tools and strategies to maximize your mindset as you train and race to successfully deliver in your "A" race event. Plus, you maximize your busy schedule by learning in the field and doing what you love!

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1 to 1 Coaching

Endurance Mind Coaching offers 1-to-1 coaching services with a trained Psychologist via Zoom, to help athletes in just 1 or 2 calls where you have a very specific issue that needs expert help.

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Mindset is everything

The way we think, the way we act, and our ability to succeed, are dictated by mindset. When set right, the mind drives our success, and if not it can become a limitation or blocker.

Endurance Mind Coaching provides specialist performance skills and training as a fundamental foundation of your training & racing.

The Endurance Mind Coaching B.O.L.T. mental fitness training for my Ultra made all the difference to my performance. I enjoyed it immensely.

Chris Ward Top 150 finisher, Spartathlon 2019

Our Story

EMC founder Stuart Holliday has worked in elite and non-professional sport since 2013. Endurance Mind Coaching was started to bring the same training learned in Olympic and professional sports, to athletes wanting to develop their mental ‘muscle’ alongside their physical fitness; fulfill their potential, and bridge the gap to their targets.

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