Endurance Mind Coaching is an endurance specialist psychology performance consultancy. Working in both elite and non-professional sport, we help ambitious athletes develop their mental fitness with skills, tools and strategies to perform at their best, when it counts, under pressure in their target races and events.


Who is Endurance Mind Coaching for?

I work with athletes who have been competing in at least a couple of distance events and are experienced in the demands of their sport. Usually, my clients are used to the rigors of training for their event (e.g. whether running, cycling, or swimming); consistently work on their S & C and core to limit injury and build strength, as well as having on point nutrition and hydration. So this course is less applicable to new athletes and starters who will make greater gains first if they focus on these areas. I ensure our athletes already have solid components that my course can layer additional benefits on. Of course, beginner athletes can make large gains in their mental fitness, and later this year, I will be providing a ‘beginners program to mental conditioning in endurance sport’

State-of-the-art mental fitness training

Fulfilling athletic potential is not as simple as what a generic online training program that you tick off over 3 months can deliver. The whole athlete needs coaching. Combining your own physical training with my mental conditioning in a dedicated tailored program to your specific requirements develops your ability to exert the power and stamina you have trained, alongside the robust mental strength and flexibility we will have helped you develop to execute fully on race day. Your well-trained mind should allow the body to complete what it’s spent months waiting for come competition day!

Psychology training in endurance sport

Is a relatively recent addition. However, top athletes have honed their mental fitness for years before Neuroscience and researchers started advising professional athlete programs or helpful guidance was published in print or online for ambitious sub-elite and amateur athletes. No athlete would deny that the mental pillar of endurance is huge. But the best practice has been poorly communicated and implemented at the non-professional level. Now with more modern research and work from the field, I want to provide clear, easy-to-implement skills through a structured program to close the gap between your potential and performance, helping you grow a robust, resilient, and flexible mindset.

What is Mindset?

1) The set of attitudes that someone holds. Mindset is everything.
2) The way we think, the way we act, and our ability to succeed, are dictated by mindset. When set right, it drives our success, when it’s off, it becomes a limitation or blocker.
3) My courses involve you, working online 1 to 1 with me to practice skills, get mentally stronger, more confident and enhance your mindset while you train and race towards your big event.

“The Endurance Mind Coaching mental fitness training I completed training for my Ultra made all the difference to my race. I enjoyed it immensely.”

Chris Ward Top 150 finisher, Spartathlon 2019.

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