12 Session B.O.L.T. Course

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1 on 1Sessions

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B.O.L.T. Online Orientation

To help you improve, we need to assess your current mindset baseline for performance. This reveals both your existing strengths, as well as areas for growth. At the beginning of the 12-session course (delivered over 1 to 1 on Zoom with Stuart), we coach our core methods to you then map them to your upcoming training and race schedule over the full training block, to get you up to speed & maximize your limited time.

1 to 1 Sessions

Endurance Mind Coaching offers brief 1-to-1 coaching services with a trained Psychologist via Zoom, to help in just 1 or 2 calls where an athlete has a very specific issue that needs expert help.

The B.O.L.T Method

Brain Optimisation

1) The Big picture – Get 100% clarity on your goals and existing mindset.
2) Essential elements – As the pros use
3) Nail the brilliant basicsFor mindset across training, races, & recovery
4) Bespoke recording, tracking, & analysis for accountability & maximum confidence

Lean into pressure

5) Manage the blockers – That can hijack performance
6) Manage endurance discomfort – Learn to suffer better.
7) Tame your inner voice – And be your inner coach!
8) Develop focus like a pro – To tune out distractions & ‘tune in’ when it counts

Train Mental Muscles

9) Pro-level thinking – Develop yours to own your performance
10) Modify your racing mindset – To convert training gains to race success
11) Rehearse race craft in the field – And gain yet more confidence
12) Your final mental fitness recipe – Pull together everything from the course to deliver on race day

Break your personal barriers

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