Interview with Steve Hobbs

Steve Hobbs IS the Milestone Pursuit. That is the name of his business, podcast, and coaching method. Steve is a former MD of a media company, and skilled at working one to one with individuals and diverse groups of people to achieve personal and challenging milestones. Steve is adept at delving deep to help people set their goals (i.e. their milestones) and deliver step-by-step plans to achieve them (i.e. the pursuit). He has had success from beginner to elite levels in both sport and business. Since COVID19, Steve has grown his coaching business, in tandem with the popular Milestone Pursuit podcast (as featured in the Guardian). In this conversation, we go back to find out about Steve’s personal and sporting history to understand the start and pursuit of his sporting success; how having an athlete mindset converts to work and life, and his use of Sport Psychology methods in his coaching. 

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