Interview with Noel Brick

Dr. Noel Brick is a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Ulster University. Along with Runner’s World writer Scott Douglas, he is the author of the brilliant ‘Genius of Athletes,’ a book published this year that takes the psychological strategies and skills used by elite endurance athletes passed to you to learn and implement for success in any big endeavour. Originally from Kerry, his dulcet tones and advice are a welcome balm at the end of another bizarre year. Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or someone trying to improve their thinking for life, endeavors or fitness, this conversation aims to offer simple to use, jargon-free advice to succeed.


  1. Overcoming the fear of failure and worries over what others think
  2. The role of confidence and control, and how you can use training diary, and use imagery and self-talk in training, racing, and life.
  3. Improving your attention and focus through meta-thinking (Chunking, tuning in and out, and deciding when to use distraction or focus inwards).

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