Interview with Duncan Simpson

Dr Duncan Simpson is a British Sport Psychologist and the head of Mental Conditioning and the Director of Personal Development at the IMG Academy in Florida, USA. What that means is that he oversees the mental well-being and performance needs of all student-athletes at this huge sporting institution. Formerly at Barry University as both an Academic and practitioner, he is vastly experienced in supporting both student and professional athletes across many different sports. After I’d been the guest on the Runners World podcast, this was an opportunity for him and me to delve deeper into how endurance athletes can improve their mental skills and flexibility under pressure in “A” target races than time allowed on the RW show. We delve into practical tips and exercises that athletes can apply whatever their level of performance or experience in developing their mental muscles, including the difference between pain management and suffering; racing mindset; and coping when race or event strategies don’t go to plan.

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