Interview with Dr Justin Ross

Dr. Justin Ross is a clinical psychologist specializing in health and wellness psychology, human performance, and sport psychology based in Denver, Colorado. A 2:57 marathoner, triathlete, and Human Performance expert. Dr. Ross is a clinical psychologist, 2:57 marathoner, triathlete, and cofounder of Mind-Body Health, an integrative health psychology and counseling center in Denver. He is a thought leader in applied clinical psychology, bringing Psychological principles aimed at human performance and optimal well-being, to help individuals, organizations, and teams realize their full potential. As part of his thought leadership, he writes frequently for Runners World – a full list of his excellent articles to help you with endurance sports can be found at or on Instagram: @DrJustinRoss


In this conversation, we bridge the gap between Sport and Clinical Psychology to share practices that we both use with athletes, and he gives his own unique insights and work to help all athletes at all levels make gains to the mental edge in their training, recovery and racing.

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